Self-Exposure walks the line between reality and artifice; between soul searching and social commentary. Although each image is an introspective and expressive look at my own persona, each is also a critique of commonly held societal beliefs about feminine identity and contemporary expectations of women. The individual characters I create each express either expectations placed upon me as a woman in American society, or echo sentiments of the ideals I wish I could meet but fall far short of. Because these expectations arise from an amalgamation of sources, my characters of self-exposure are amalgamations as well.

Beginning with a specific idea, I photograph myself (and the other elements needed.) Although I currently shoot only using a collection of different iPhone models, I frequently modify them with alternative and handmade lens combinations. I utilize those specifically for the look and feel they lend to my photographs. Using my iPad, I composite these shots together, then heavily manipulate the image to further develop the message. After printing, I add hand-work in charcoal, pastel or pencil, then mount the images to cradled wood panel and hand-coat them with encaustic media.

Presentation: Each work is cut to full bleed, hand worked, and mounted to cradled panel and measures 16”w x 20”h by 1.5”d. Work can be acquired with or without a black wood float frame.

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