I use my work to process my emotions about a specific event or series of events, and to give voice to those emotions so that others may “hear” them, too. Much of the work comments on social, political and/or cultural issues, such as war,  women's issues, or issues arising from living in a island paradise living off tourism and suffering from how others romanticize the islands and our peoples. I often use beauty as a conceit to entice a viewer to look at an ugly truth that they might otherwise not consider.

I work in multiple kinds of media. I believe that materials have mana, so, whenever possible, I use the media that I feel lends the most meaning to any given project. Though there are not always material similarities between the different projects, they are linked by recurring formal concerns, subject matter. and methodology. Process is always an integral part of the statement and the work.

With digital matrices, mass production is easy, and yet, sometimes unsatisfying to both artist and viewer. Each is looking for something novel and special in art: really the reason that art is created. I believe the most interesting space in photography today is where the artist can combine digital techniques with hand-worked processes to produce one-of-a-kind works.

Every warrior has a weapon; art is mine.