STATEMENT: Bodies in Motion is a series of 20 images created in March, 2015 (the images above are a partial selection.) One of the things that is particularly interesting to me is people watching. I rode the bus a LOT here in HI, getting to work, getting the kid to school, getting to school myself...and I started to notice what people were doing. And weren't doing.  I've been using the iPhone as my only camera since February of 2009, when I first got one (the 3G, at that time.) Starting in 2010, I used the phone to photograph people on the buses I rode. Then I started to shoot the people in waiting rooms of Dr's offices, and then since 2011, people on the beach. While technically "street photography," I am trying to move my work beyond what we think of as "straight" street work. I have used a painterly style on purpose, which speaks to an aesthetic that is particularly prevalent in mobile art, due to the combination of camera and canvas that something like an iPad gives. I've also utilized odd gestural positioning to speak to "recent" contemporary art history, most specifically the 1987 body of work by Robert Longo called "Men in Cities." These images were all shot at the beach in Waikiki fronting the Outrigger Reef Hotel. I shot them in about an hour, at lunch time, on March 20, 2015. It was shot using the iPhone 5s with the Moment Telephoto lens attached. It allowed me to stay back on my beach lounge chair and very unobtrusively get up and personal with the people who did not know they were being photographed. 

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