Diana Nicholette Jeon's work available for lightboxes at Dada Light

I'm not sure how long this has been live, but I'm proud and excited to announce four of my mobile photo collage images are now *exclusively available* for the DADA LIGHT light boxes in a project curated by Galerie Mobile Camera Club of Paris, France.

My images are the rightmost image in the top row and the three leftmost images in the second row of the online catalog. Anyone familiar with some of my work such as the Self Exposure series might instantly recognize which images are mine. Other artists in this curated collection include Nadine Benichou, Patricia Geyer, and Roger Guetta, among several others.

The DADA is a customizable light box in variable configurations. It is manufactured in France of poplar wood and equipped with a strip of 120 LEDs, a touch dimmer switch on white cable and a 12V transformer.

The catalog is available here: http://www.dadalight.com/en/55-slide-photo