Diana Nicholette Jeon's Image Stroke showing in upcoming juried exhibition at EHCC/HMoca in Hilo, HI

Recently I learned of a Big Island of Hawaii based photography exhibition, but late in the morning a day after the deadline for entry had passed. This was the first timeI just learned this venue had opened the event to photographers on all islands rather than strictly the big island.

The juror was Phil Jung. I only knew one thing about him, and that was that he had been an artist in residence at UH Manoa, and done a two person exhibition in at the university gallery in the summer of 2015.  Because the gallery had asked people to tag images on IG that fit the theme and that they would put a selected group in a gallery slide show to go along with the two artist's exhibition, I had even had a work shown. with him. But really I knew nothing more, so I looked him up and found this: 

Jung received a BFA in Photography from The San Francisco Art Institute and an MFA in Photography from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design. His artwork has been featured in numerous publications including The Boston Globe, Incandescent, The Photo Review, Mossless, and Kiblind Magazine in France. He was a recipient of the TMC Kodak International Film Grant in 2009 and Saint Botoph Foundations Emerging Artist Award in 2013. Jung has participated in exhibitions throughout the United States including The Griffin Museum of Photography in Massachusetts, Houston Center for Photography in Texas and Foley Gallery in NYC. His work is in the permanent collection of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. 
Phillip Jung currently lives and works in both Honolulu and Boston. He teaches at the University of Hawaii throughout the school year and at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design through the summer. 

I wrote to the venue via their FB page, asking if they might consider a late entry. The person told me that they would, but that I had to have it in by the close of business that day.  There wasn't really a 'great category' that my image fit.. I was unsure. As the minutes of the afternoon waned, I decided to enter, but just the one image, and to use "Portrait" as my category from the choices they had for the entries. 

I shot with an iPhone 5s encased in a cheap vinyl case I purchased at TJ Maxx a couple years ago for $10. Seriously. I shot while swimming around in the pool at Turtle Bay Resort,. As I was unable to see the screen, I was shooting as was using an oatmeal box. camera.

Tonight I learned that my work had been selected by the juror.he first image I worked with from that shoot was the one that got in; it is called Stroke. I was so happy with it, and the other two I have finalized to date that I decided I will work on a series of these images. As I type, I am on Maui, in Kaanapali, taking advantage of a a 5 day visit to shoot more images in the pools here. 

The image that will be shown is this one below. This is the first time my work will be shown on the Big Island.

Hawaii Photography 2016

July 2 to July 30


Hilo, HI

Stroke  iPhone 5s in cheap vinyl water pouch  Turtle Bay Resort pool  May 28, 2016


iPhone 5s in cheap vinyl water pouch

Turtle Bay Resort pool

May 28, 2016