In the In-Between Journal of Digital Imaging features Self-Exposure series by Diana Nicholette Jeon

I'm beyond happy and excited. I'm beyond thrilled to announce that In the In-Between Journal of Digital Imaging Artists has featured by Self-Exposure series.

So as not to mis-state what ITIB is, I will quote their ABOUT page here:

In the In-Between is an artist-run web and print publisher that highlights artists working at the intersections of photography and digital media.
The primary mission of In the In-Between is to serve as a research platform for the photo-arts field to examine contemporary artists exploring the uses, concerns and consequences of 21st century image technology. Through interviews, project reviews, portfolios and essays, our features explore the properties, theories and applications of digital-based imaging in a field largely referred to now as the post-photographic.
As we enter into the third decade of the digital era, we believe digital imaging is, and will continue to be, the defining characteristic of 21st century photographic art. In the In-Between seeks to understand and disseminate relatively new attitudes and methods of such image-making; and to understand how they are being used to examine the world at large.

I feel so lucky to have my work featured alongside so many great digital imaging artists. A huge thank you to editor/publisher Gregory Jones. 

You can see the article here: