Diana Nicholette Jeon's work included Mobile Camera Club's outdoor Paris installation, Génies Climatique, opening May 26

I'm so excited about this exhibition with a great big love for the earth and our planet created by the wizards at Gallerie Mobile Camera Club Paris, Leny Bagshop, Nadine Benichou and Stephanie Dupont.

Climate Geniuses Photographic installation 

Esplanade Roger Linet 75011 Paris (In front of the Maison des Métallos, 94 rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud 75011 Paris)

From May 26th to June 2nd 2016Opening Thursday, May 26th 2016 from 6pm to 10pm

With Aylin Argun (Turquie) Eliza Badoiu (Roumanie) Leny Bagshop (France) Giulia Baita (Italie) Kerryn Benbow (Australie) Nadine Bénichou (France) Nathalie Blanc (France) Jennifer Bracewell (USA) Yannick Brice (France) Lorenka Campos (USA) Thérèse Cherton (Belgique) Federica Corbelli (Italie) Clarisse Debout (France) Gail Dohrmann (USA) Shirley Drevich (USA) Barbara duBois (USA) Stéphanie Dupont (France) Philippe Durand (France) Nettie Edwards (Angleterre) Satoko Fujiwara (Japon) Dieter Gaebel (Allemagne) Patricia Geyer (USA) Roger Guetta (Canada) Sean Hayes (Irlande) Sarah Jarrett (Angleterre) Diana Nicholette Jeon (USA) Magdalena de Jonge Malucha (Espagne) Patricia Larson (Mexique) Bobbi McMurry (USA) Kim Martino-Diaz (USA) Paul Moore (Irlande) Cat Morris (USA) Tony Nahra (USA) Sorin Obaciu (Canada) Susan Rennie (USA) Catherine Restivo (USA) Gianluca Ricoveri (Italie) Carol Robinson (USA) Marian Rubin (USA) Edward Santos (USA) Joshua Sariñana (USA) Mariëtte Schrijver (Pays-Bas) Jane Schultz (USA) Eitan Shavit (Israël) Jeffrey Simpson (USA) Wayman Stairs (USA) Mehmet Omur Sukru (Turquie) Jennifer Thomas (Australie) Susan R Thompson (USA) Dominique Torrent (France) Paul Toussaint (USA)

Originally conceived to occur during the COP21 climate conference in Paris in December 2015, this event had to be postponed, for safety reasons, due to the terrorist attacks of November 2015. We also decided to invite Nathalie Blanc, a well-known figure of environmental aesthetics, to present her latest book Les Formes de l’environnement, manifeste pour une esthétique politique.

Whether civil or military, electric, industrial or chemical, or even genetic... the term “engineering” (« génie » in French) glorifies human inventiveness and raise Man in the position of a demiurge. The richness and development of human activities would be the irrefutable proof of our superior intelligence and creative powers. But what if ingenuity, pushed to its paroxysmal limit, was in the end an “evil genius”? And what if humanity was the victim of his own arrogance and of a vision of the world organized in terms of hierarchy, domination and profit? Such are the questions we wish to raise through this installation, featuring one of the true climate genius, the tree.

This event is based on the vision of 50 international artists of climate changes through an ephemeral photographic installation. Located in the public space, this installation is conceived as a symbolic representation, inviting the viewer to measure the scope, gravity and inevitability of the situation, unless a drastic change in mentalities and behaviors occurs. It is meant to question the alleged infallibility of human ingenuity and invite the public to meditate on the importance of hope, desire, sharing, commitment and awareness. A way for each of us to get involved in a subject made particularly complex due to abstruse battles about figures and due to the importance of strategic consequences and economic interests it involves. 

"The Wish Climatree" will host the visual and written wishes of the invited artists, whether they are positive wishes full of hope, or whether they denounce the causes and consequences of climate change. The public will be invited to participate by adding their own wishes. In many civilizations, trees are sacred. They are associated to life, creation and renewal. They are the synthesis between three worlds: the underground, the terrestrial and the celestial worlds. Whether cosmic symbols or remarkable forms of life, knowledge tree, tree of life, friendly and protecting, trees indeed inspire respect. Then comes today’s reality. Deforestation and over-exploitation. Trees to fell, decimate, dismember, saw and transform into wood or paper pulp. But also trees in the city, living beings transplanted as decorative features, braving concrete, pollution and evil treatments. Trees are resistants...

Here is a "the making of" video the MCC folks did yesterday, while creating the installation: https://www.facebook.com/mobilecameraclub/videos/vb.190266521162406/521842628004792/?type=2&theater

Here is my work that is included in the exhibition:

Diana Nicholette Jeon, Warrior Girl, 2015

Diana Nicholette Jeon, Warrior Girl, 2015