Diana Nicholette Jeon - New, and different than usual for me, work. about water.

I decided at the last minute to enter a juried competition about water. I have done a ton of work about water, but it was always about its usage in tourism and agriculture here in HI. This, this was just plain fun. Here are the images; I took these on Sunday at the pool at the Turtle Bay Resort in Kahuku, O'ahu, HI. I did an overnight stay with my family that night. It paid off, it seems.  I am very happy with the work. Bu more importantly, I just had fun, and I think it shows in the work. Perhaps I need to go to Turtle Bay more often. Yes. That's it.

All off the images are of strangers to me, so, in effect, "Street Photo." Yes, I know they are not on a street. But in HI, water is often a form of street.

I shot with an iPhone 5s encased in a cheap vinyl case I purchased at TJ Maxx a couple years ago for $10.

Seriously. It is NOT the camera, it is the artist. As if that discussion has not been done to death. But, I shot these swimming around, unable to see the screen, and pretending I was using an oatmeal box. 

Anyway, wish me luck.