Various selections from Nights As Inexorable As The Sea have been recognized by the following awards and competitions:

  • Texas Photographic Society Alternative Process and Integrated Media Exhibition

    • Honorable Mention

  • Rfotofolio Selections 2018

    • Images from Nights As Inexorable As The Sea series awarded Top 3 selection for 3D Photo work by juror Collier Brown

  • 11th Julia Margaret Cameron Awards (2018)

    • Overall Julia Margaret Cameron Award Winner: One of three overall competition winners, $1k prize award

    • Winner, Cell Phone category

    • Runner Up, Alternative Process category

    • Runner Up, Digital Manipulation and Collage category

    • Runner Up, Open Theme category

  • City Panorama Public Art Competition (2018)

    • King County Metro Bus Shelters, King County, WA

  • 2018 Moscow Foto Awards

    • Silver, Fine Art / Collage category

    • Silver, Fine Art / Other category

  • Photolucida's Critical Mass Competition (2017)

    • Top 200 Finalist

  • 9th Contemporary Photography in Hawai‘i Exhibition (2017)

    • Halekulani Corporation Award

    • Hawaii Camera Award


Dreams are quirky phenomena. Existing in that liminal space we are confronted with situations we can’t quite explain, often fraught with absurdities and illogical occurrences. They challenge the delicate balance between perception and the subconscious mind.

I rarely remember entire dream sequences; instead, I find myself left with confused snippets. Like the boxes of pictures kept in tins in a drawer...a collection of pictures I barely recognize, yet somehow relate to as having experienced. Awake, I am left wondering ‐ was it really a dream, or a previously forgotten bit of a random memory?