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All Alone (Liar) is a portrait of a woman's anguish at the lies told in a relationship.


And the Four Walls describes the feeling of being overcome by "those four walls closing in on me..."  Shot in Cinamagraph, exported then reimported and run through a second filter. Moved to FLY for editing and soundtracking; the one was set as four separate tracks which were cut into each other so the soundtrack bounces back as forth as much as her jittery motions do. Exported then run through Cinamagraph one last time for final filtering.

Because I'm Chappy

Inspired by watching, waiting for and riding the "Chappy", the ferry from Edgartown to Chappaquidick Island on Martha's Vineyard, on 6.20.14, Because I'm Chappy is a mobile video shot and edited entirely on the iPhone 5s. Shot using Cinamatic - eight 15-second clips with in-shot cuts created using different "film stocks" were then re-edited using apps on the iPhone 5s.

Distant Memories of a Summer Day in Another Century and Another Place

Distant Memories of a Summer Day in Another Century and Another Place is a short film about a person dealing with heartbreaking loss and their remembrance of happier times. A girl frolics at the beach as her parents are readying the family to leave. All possibilities lay open when child is on summer vacation. Shot and edited on an iPhone 5s using the native camera, Cinamatic, and Videohance

"This piece gives a glimpse of a last beach moment.  It was sweet to see the little girl awaiting a final sweep of the water then jumping up and scampering out of frame."
TAW Mobile Movies Showcase, Donna Donato, June 28, 2014

How Martha Stole My Heart

How Martha Stole My Heart is an impressionistic visual love poem to the island of Martha's Vineyard, MA. Shot and edited entirely onsite using only the iPhone 5s during June, 2014.

I, Orfeo

Based on personal events, original poetry and Hawaiian and Greek mythology and metaphors, I, Orfeo is a poetic look at the story of Orpheus and Eurydice.

The Lyrical Music of Clocks

A self portrait in video. A woman grapples with the demands of contemporary American life while still attempting to carve out enough time to build  career. The Lyrical Music of Clocks has been screened in numerous film festivals and has won several awards.

The Walk Project

The Walk Project is a conceptual work in sound generation created while I was an undergraduate student. On the third day of the third month, I walked the three floors of the University of Hawai'i Art Building with a video camera strapped to my waist, and a toy "calculator" (that children would write numerals on the adding machine tape) in my hand. I used the toy to record the motion of my movement via pencil. I had an assistant who gathered the streaming tape as it streamed behind me. Afterward, I generated a full sequence of jpgs from the video. I cut the tape into 12 inch linear-ordered sections and scanned it, then used a program that synthesized imagery into sound, and I also drew the pattern of the waveform created by my record of my motion in a sound creation program. I output the three sound tracks, and layered them in After Effects and added three tracks of the video offset a small bit from each other. And this is the result; I call it "The Walk Project."