STATEMENT: Social media is a mixed blessing. It allows us to connect to friends from the past and to make new ones who have common interests. However, it brings a share of heartburn as well. Hot on the heels of a rejection, we learn friends have had success at the same endeavor. We want to celebrate for them, but we are in the midst of a bout of self-doubt, self-flagellation, self-pity. Social media sometimes exacerbates these wounds, as we may learn of our failure only by seeing a friend’s celebration. This work addresses those warring emotions within human nature.

PROCESS: Beginning with a specific idea, I photograph myself (and the other elements needed.) Although I currently shoot only using a collection of different iPhone models, I frequently modify them with alternative and handmade lens combinations. I utilize those specifically for the look and feel they lend to my photographs. Using my iPad, I composite these shots together, then heavily manipulate the image to further develop the message.

PRESENTATION: Each work is cut to full bleed and framed in a black wood frame

MATERIALS: Original photographs, Epson Surecolor P800 pigment ink, Hahnemuhle PhotoRag Ultrasmooth paper, black wood frame, acrylic or glass glazing

DIMENSIONS: Unframed - 16”w x 20”h; Framed - 17”w x 21”h x 1”d

EXHIBITIONS: Works from this series have been included in the following exhibitions and venues

  • 38th Annual Honolulu Japanese Chamber of Commerce Commitment to Excellence, Honolulu Museum of Art

  • 3rd Annual Group Show, Davis Orton Gallery

COLLECTIONS: Socially Speaking: Hat is in the permanent public collection of Hawaii State Foundation for Culture and the Arts (acquired - 2016)

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